40 weeks of magic and glamour

The photo shoot of pregnancy is the "MUST HAVE" of each woman!



Not always the pregnancy is a joy. Very often the future mamas feel bad: morning sickness that transforms in afternoon sickness and night sickness and etc 🙂 in 9 months thin girls become huge and clumsy… But anyway this magical period of the life of each woman must be memorised with a creative photo shoot! 

The best period to make a pregnancy photo is between 30 and 37 weeks, but if you are ready earlier or later we are always welcome you! We just need your good feeling, mood and positive vibrations 🙂

Our team of top professionals in make up, hair styling and fashion will collaborate together for you to create the photos, that you will be proud to show to you future children and grandchildren!

You can bring your own outfits, for example your jeans, shirts and shoes. It’s necessary that you bring your lingerie of different colours: black, white or beige.  In addition, there are clothes and accessories available in photo studio that you can use during the shoots.